Use code "NEWBIE" at checkout for 10% off your order!
Use code "NEWBIE" at checkout for 10% off your order!

About Dank Swankitude

Some people express their love for internet memes by DM'ing them to their friends on Instagram.

Others pass their phones around at family dinner, laughing hysterically while everyone else stares at them in horror and severe concern. One person asks siri, under their breath, for affordable therapists in their location. 

But you, a true connoisseur and purveyor of fine memes, DISPLAY THEM PROUDLY ON YOUR BODY AND IN YOUR HOME, which is not only the highest form of appreciation, but also magically protects you from being unwillingly forced into a mental institution. Your friends will know that you are a true memelord, and your family will know not to ask whatever-the-hell-it-is you're wearing, because if they are hence slain by an hour-long presentation on how your favorite meme came to be, it will be entirely their doing.

The meme lovers of the world have too long been an underserved market, but no more. Dank Swankitude Meme Merch is here to fulfill your unsatisfied cravings for meme apparel and merchandise, constantly releasing new items as quickly as the internet can generate them.

Have an awesome idea for a new product? Give us a shout. We'll make it happen.